Yes, Goals Are Still a Thing in 2020

Audio Transcript

2020 is shaping out to be the year of extreme uncertainty and discomfort for most of us. It’s easy to wonder if there’s a point in doing anything at all. I’m here to tell you that there most certainly is; and the decisions you make now are more important than they have, perhaps, ever been. 

That’s because the disruptions we’re experiencing across all aspects of life are leading us to a place that you’ll want to be prepared for so that you and your loved ones can find and remain in balance through whatever circumstances unfold. 

The reality is, time is moving with or without us. The most effective way to remain in control of your time and your world is to set goals that will, at minimum keep you moving closer and closer to the reality that you want. 

Now, that’s not to say that things won’t change along the way. In fact, statistically, goals change after 60 days under normal circumstances anyway. But don’t worry about that right now. You’ll learn how to process 30, 60, and 365-day goals, and keep them open for adjustment in a later module. 

For now, I want to warn you that there are three main stressors that may cloud your ability to effectively set and achieve goals at this time. This also serves as a reminder that by being aware of those stressors, we can proactively work through them. With confidence, you can continue to take massive action towards your goals because you’ve already given thought to what would otherwise stop you from moving forward. Let’s take a quick moment to talk about the three most common stressors so that you can remain mindful as you work through the goal-setting and achievement process. 

The three main stressors impacting the overwhelming majority of us right now are financial, emotional, mental + physical. Mental and physical are grouped as one because the mind and the body are interconnected. 

Financial challenges can interfere with your ability to achieve your goal. Emotional stressors arise when one lacks self-confidence, seeks approval and validation from others, and feels vulnerable to rejection. Lastly, our brains are working overtime to keep ourselves and our families in good health. Many of you might also feel the need to perform under pressure, “keep things afloat,” and meet the expectations of others. 

Don’t worry about unpacking all of those things in this moment. We’ll get to them in due time. I mention them upfront so that we may take back the power they currently hold over your thoughts, your emotions, and your ability to take massive action towards your goals.

If your life feels uncomfortable in any way right now, know that what you’re feeling is valid. However, that does not excuse you from adding value to the world in ways that only you can.  

The best thing you can do right now is invest in yourself so that you’re prepared for whatever is to come, and so that you can present a version of yourself that you’re forever proud of. 

2020 is a different story, but you’re still the author. Let’s get started. 

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