We don't wish.

We Think. We Feel. We Act. We Manifest.

The clock ticks whether we’re paying attention or not. Naturally, this also means life is passing by the second. 

All “successful” people know that life is lived in the now. The past cannot be changed, and the future hasn’t happened yet. 

All that we aspire to be is created in the present.

The Lifestyle Design Academy is where high achievers put in work to manifest those aspirations. 

We’re a collection of self-guided personal development courses meant for proactive go-getters.

Each course is created with badass women and minorities in mind.

We’re busy. We’re resilient. We’re capable.

We deserve to have the life we want, and we’re bold enough to create it. 

Regardless of where you come from or where you are now, you can influence where you’re going. 

Take the guess work out life. This is the space for you to learn and execute. 

Welcome to The Lifestyle Design Academy!

Hi, I’m Brit...

A Mindset Empowerment Coach with a passion for all things growth-related!

As a little girl in Virginia Beach, VA, I decided life was going to happen for me, not to me. 

I've since had the opportunity to live + work in Richmond, VA, Providence, RI, and Los Angeles, CA.

See, when you’re attracted to results, you’re willing to take calculated risks to achieve them. When risks bring challenges, one must decide how they want to overcome, resolve, and grow.

After years of experiencing pleasurable highs, devastating lows, and the unimaginable in-between, I began to realize my outlook on life had everything to do with the ways in which my reality manifested.

I eventually came to terms with the fact that this is my life purpose: Viewing life as a wholistic experience and applying introspective thought-work to design a desirable reality. Most importantly, I empower women + minorities to do the same for themselves.

I've earned credentials including a:

+ Bachelor of Arts in Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies

+ Master of Business Administration

+ Master Coach Certification

and I'm committed to helping others unlock their highest potential-unapologetically.

How to Create Actionable Goals

This free introductory course is exactly what high-achievers need right now:

A comprehensive plan to get and stay ahead. Learn engaging, practical steps to help you execute with confidence from any starting point and through all circumstances.

Now open for enrollment **

Unlocking Entrepreneurship + Business Development

Have you been sitting on a business idea that you'd love to bring to life, but aren't sure where to start? Do you have an existing business that could be refreshed, or better organized with a strategic business plan? Or maybe you've just had enough of working for someone else and are curious about taking life in another direction. Either way, this in-depth course is a MUST for anyone who dreams of being their own boss; sooner rather than later.

Coming Soon **

Empaths for Impact

If you identify as an empath, you know it can feel like a blessing and a curse. You love pouring into people, but that also leaves you feeling used and depleted all too often. Empaths for Impact is a definitive guide to help you fully recognize your divine gifts, attract mutually rewarding relationships, and touch other's lives on the regular; all while protecting and preserving your unique goddess energy.

Coming Soon**